Testing for Mould or Bacterial Contamination is an important process in securing your health and safety. That’s why we offer; test sampling which includes a visual assessment, moisture testing, air and/or surface sampling, reporting and a final safe occupancy clearance certificate.

This ensures your property returns to a normal living ecology and a safe re-habitation environment.

We will help to identify the source and cause of the environment which is supporting microbial growth and establish a prevention plan to eliminate the likelihood of re-occurrence.

Our procedures and systems guarantee fast turnaround times, without compromising on obtaining important information, crucial to ensuring no further continual secondary damage or contamination and a quick return to a safe living environment for your home or business.

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What is Mould Testing?

Mould testing is the process of identifying the presence of active or non-viable mould growth and to determine the species or genus of mould that has colonised in your home or business.

This information allows our technicians to suggest the appropriate remediation and rectification plan.

Our technicians use three sampling methods to ascertain the type of mould and extent of contamination including air trap cartridge, swab, and tape lift samples, identifying both airbourne and surface bound mould.

What is E-Coli and Bacteria Testing?

E-coli testing measures the size and scope of bacteria on surface areas to identify contamination extent.

How extensive the contamination is will highlight why it is present and how we can successfully decontaminate and eliminate future re-occurrence.

Surface tape lift or swab samples are taken to be examined at a laboratory for further analysis.

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What Will My Report Include?

  • A visual assessment of the building envelope, drainage, microenvironment, roof coverings, crawl space, sub-floor conditions and land topography surrounding the affected building (if required).
  • Bathrooms and wet areas, including all ceilings, walls, woodwork, trims, wardrobes, floor coverings, furniture and contents are inspected to measure internal mould growth.
  • Moisture testing for all ceilings, walls and floors to identify the source.
  • Including use of thermal imaging to structural areas to identify any anomalies of excessive temperature differences.
  • Relative humidity readings to living space rooms and sub-floor space.
  • Finally, recommendations for short to long term solutions for building or any micro-environmental management that may be necessary

What will my report cost?

There is no set price as every examination and circumstance is unique in different ways.

You will be paying for an extensive and accurate tailored report completed using the latest exploratory tools and testing expertise with your health and safety being the utmost priority.

This will include your on-site inspection, lab examinations for each sample taken, and the time taken to analyse what these results mean for an immediate remediation plan and mitigation strategy to help stop any future biohazard re-emergence.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide assistance with Insurance related claims?

    Yes. Our company deals with claims assistants, loss adjusters, technical assessors and insurance builders on a day to day basis and we can provide your insurer with all the required and necessary information to assist in your claim .

  • How long does it normally take to eliminate mould or bacteria contamination if a remediation plan is undertaken?

    Depending on the level and size of contamination, it can usually take between 2 to 10 working days to remove all traces of contamination.

  • Will the mould or bacteria return?

    If treated correctly, successful mould and microbial remediation should eradicate contamination permanently provided original causation does not still exist.

  • Are your treatments safe for babies and children?

    Yes, we use hospital grade biohazard products only.

  • Do you charge extra for weekends?

    No, our quote will be an all-inclusive price with no surcharges.

  • What areas in the house can you NOT remove contamination from?

    We can remove mould or bacteria contamination from any surface anywhere on the premises.

  • Do you provide any guarantees?

    We can provide a 3rd party, strictly impartial, laboratory tape and air sample written test clearance certificate to guarantee complete mould or microbial eradication with your property returned to a normal living ecology with a post remediation validation by a qualified Microbiologist and Occupational Hygienist.

  • Are your staff professionally trained in mould testing and microbial remediation?

    All our staff are IICRC, ITI and ACES certified, Biohazard and Mould Remediation & Testing Technicians.

  • When can you start the job?

    We don’t hang around! Rest assured that once you have shared your situation with us, our quick and efficient team will start working on your project within 24 to 48 hours.

  • How big is your team?

    We are a small yet mighty team of 8 professional technicians. Small enough to provide a personalised service, large enough to deliver on time and above expectations.


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